The Staff

  • Pastor Jared bryant

    Pastor Jared has been in ministry since the age of 17 when God rocked his life while on a mission trip to Europe. He returned home and began telling his friends about Jesus, and within a couple months his living room was filled with friends getting saved and discipled. 

    He met his wife, Sarah, while attending bible college at Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, TX, and they have been doing ministry together ever since. Jared has planted, developed, and led ministries and teams in the states and abroad. New to the Green Bay area, Jared now has the pleasure of serving the people of CFC as the lead pastor.

  • Pastor Sarah bryant

    Pastor Sarah has been in ministry since the age of 19 when she first heard God's voice calling her out of sin and hopelessness into a life of purpose and helping people. She began sharing her testimony on her college campus in Georgia before moving to Dallas, TX to attend Christ for the Nations Institute to prepare for full-time ministry. That's where she met and married Jared, started a family, and began ministering together. With their 3 kids in tow, she would go wherever she needed to go and do whatever she needed to do to reach and develop people for Jesus. Having received her pastoral license in 2015, Sarah is now honored to pastor the people of CFC alongside her husband.

  • Steven Toyne - Operations Administrator

    Steven has been on staff with CFC for the past 11 years as the operations administrator, and also serves on the church board. If you have a question, Steven knows the answer! He is in charge of day to day operations and does everything with his great sense of humor and a good attitude. Steven is a husband, a dad to 3 great kids, handyman, and avid mountain biker. Between his carpentry skills, and his degree in computer science, Steven has many gifts, and is the ultimate multi-tasker. If you're looking for Steven, you're likely to find him on the trails, or on the move making everything run smoothly.

  • Amy sohrweide - Finance

    Amy has been a faithful member of CFC since 1997. In addition to running the finance department, Amy also pours her heart and time into the children of CFC every week, and serves on the church board. Amy is a wife, a mom of 3 great kids, and a business owner in floral design (Divine Nature), and she does it all with grace and a smile that lights up the room. If you are looking for Amy, you will most likely find her with a coffee in one hand, flowers in the other, and purpose in her heart as she loves and serves others with her many gifts.