church history

In the Spring of 1991, Dr. Judy Fornara, from Spiritual Life Ministries of Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, invited Pastors Dennis & Sandy Toyne to minister with her and the team at Spiritual Life Bible College. The Pastors learned that a handful of people were eager to create a new Holy Spirit Filled church in Green Bay, Wisconsin. This endeavor marked the beginning of Cornerstone Family Church. It was also the beginning of the Toynes traveling from Iowa to Wisconsin every Friday for church service, then traveling home to Iowa on Saturday to preach on Sunday. The Pastors continued the long commute throughout the summer of 1991 before moving to Green Bay in late October of 1991. Thankfully, Spiritual Life Ministries supported the church financially until Cornerstone Family Church was able to sustain itself. 

The Pastors and the small congregation began meeting in a personal residence, then quickly moved to Stan’s Labor Temple on the East side of Green Bay. A bar was connected to the union hall in which the church rented. On numerous occasions, people would stop in mistaking the church for Stan’s Bar. It was quite interesting to see the reaction of people searching for the bar, only to stumble upon a church service. 

After renting the space in Stan’s Labor Temple, CFC rented a newly built Odd Fellow-Rebecca Lodge building for five years prior to purchasing their first church building. The building was the former Korean Methodist Church, which was located at the corner of Doty and Clay Street in downtown Green Bay. CFC remained at the location for 5 years. By the fall of 2003, CFC built on five acres of prime real estate in Suamico to accommodate the growing church. Eventually they purchased an additional six acres behind the church for the potential of expansion purposes.

In February 2018, Cornerstone Family Church honored Pastors Dennis and Sandy Toyne for their faithful service as pastors to CFC for 26 years. They were awarded the title of Pastors Emeritus upon their retirement. 

Pastors Jared and Sarah Bryant have been set in place as the next pastors of CFC to continue the legacy of helping people become devoted followers of Jesus Christ.